Stone and us

The idea of ​​the uprising The idea of ​​creating the studio was created a few years ago, where our creator was an employee of one of the stonework factories. The main motive and keynote was the stone waste generated in the company and the acquisition of ideas for using it in a completely different way of perceiving stonework. We were inspired by large marble processing companies around the world that use advanced technology to produce small pieces of equipment and interior decorations. However, our goal and unchanging idea was the desire to create similar products, but only by manual processing of marble with the use of a grinder and related power tools. Back then, we could not even imagine that we would change the perception of stone throughout the country. First beginnings A tiny room, a few makeshift tools for handcrafting marble and just a handful of knowledge and information about the possibilities of using the stone, which we collected all the time. Even the smallest elements. Our inspiration base was growing day by day with more and more projects that we wanted to implement and transfer them from an ordinary photo on a computer to … marble. We started with simple cuts, cuts and shapes, which, even in this form, were difficult for us and consumed a lot of time to produce them. We never lacked one thing – we loved working with marble. From the very beginning, when we encountered the work related to the processing of marble, it aroused our passion, which we probably did not know yet, or we knew, but we did not realize the magnitude and scale of this feeling, which from day to day was bigger.

We based the sale of our products mainly on outdoor events, such as fairs and handicraft exhibitions. While we got to know the knowledge quickly and we were eager to learn new stone processing skills, unfortunately we didn’t know enough about marketing to help us develop sufficiently. This situation lasted for some time, until at some point we started to come to terms with the situation and the decision that was to end the idea and passion once and for all and separate us from the stone. In fact, this decision was made. Our studio has been closed … New possibilities One of the stonemasons we have had contact with for some time, who admired our work and use of marble, told us during this difficult time that “the spirit of the masons will not let you go, and the darkest night is just before dawn”. When we realized our decision to close the workshop and systematically sell our tools, it was at this point that inquiries related to the possibility of cooperation in wholesale sales for companies began to come to us. It was also then that we got to know the owner of a natural stone wholesaler, the importer of the best quality Carrara marble Federico Corsi from OMNISTONE, who offered us a cooperation, thanks to which we would not have to worry about the space for the studio and the marble itself. Until now, our studio created products most often with the use of Carrara marble, but knowledge about them, getting to know ourselves and a real passion … was yet to come.

New beginnings Thanks to OMNISTONE experts, we learn from scratch the knowledge of Carrara marbles every day, and thanks to this, it is better and easier for us to work with this marble. Today we carry out dozens of individual orders per week and cooperate with many companies in the country and abroad. Our passion and great desire to work with stone are slowly becoming noticed in such a way that we no longer worry about marketing. We don’t call ourselves experts. We are not the best and we are not ahead of the competition in any way. We just love working with marble, we love to surround ourselves with it and create from the bottom of our hearts. Our creator does not race with anyone for acquiring a client at any cost. We do not say that our products are of the best quality, because we do not know what it means. Our products are made by hand. In every stone detail that we put on the shelf as a finished product – you will find a piece of our heart that we give back completely. We learn stone every day. Every day we face difficulties related to it. We certainly don’t know much about it, because the stone has been millions of years ahead and will be millions more … after us. So how can we say about ourselves that we know the natural stone and we know everything about it? We know one thing for sure … we found our passion and the way to our happiness, to be able to work in natural stone.