Bianco Carrara marble wedding ring

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Bianco Carrara marble ring wedding ring

  • Kamień: Włoska marmur Bianco Carrara
  • Waga: 1,2 – 1,4 g

Ring-shaped ring made of natural Bianco Carrara marble.

Delicacy, subtlety and elegance are intertwined in it, and the classic, simple shape makes the look timeless.

  • Size: on request

Rings & Wedding Rings

The collection of rings and rings made of natural marble and other natural stones is created in the Stone Art studio. Each piece is handmade.

We make any size for individual needs.

The standard dimensions of the rings are:

  • wall thickness approx. 3 mm and the width of the ring 9 mm.

Stone processing is: polished or mat

Do you know that… ?

  1. Processing marble in such an element does not consist in even and any pressure of the tool against the stone. In this case, the stone is processed with the same tools that we use in masonry, but the tool only “scales” the stone a little during processing, which significantly extends the processing process.
  2. Everything is done by hand with an angle grinder.
  3. The first prototype of the wedding ring took almost 3 days.
  4. There is over 70% chance that when processing a wedding ring – it will fall apart.
  5. The final ring is durable, but when wearing it, we cannot make squeezing and hitting movements.
  6. Before the operation, each piece of stone is selectively selected.
  7. Today, making such a ring in the studio takes 40 minutes.
  8. The inside of the ring is sanded, the polishing finish makes it difficult to remove the ring from the finger.
  9. Our workshop is able to make any internal diameter – using only 2 pieces of core drills.
  10. In our workshop, rings will be made from all available stones, used in stonework – also from quartz, quartzite and granite.
  11. All wedding rings are made of post-production waste.
  12. The inner surface of the ring is polished convexly to its edge.

These are the only hand-made rings made entirely of natural stones in Poland.

There are several companies around the world that undertake such projects.

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