Shipping costs

We take the packaging of our products very seriously and with the same commitment as producing them.
Each element is wrapped with bubble wrap several times and then packed into a box.

Depending on the type of product, the amount of protective material depends on its size.

Each of our tables is shipped on a pallet, thanks to which we avoid damage in the form of damage. Additionally, both the metal frame and the marble are secured with bubble wrap and cardboard.

Shipping costs usually look like this:

Pallet shipment, depending on weight: PLN 180.00

FeDex, DPD or DHL courier service: PLN 19.00

Locker parcel: PLN 13.99

Personal collection: PLN 0.00

Order completion date.

The execution time of individual orders varies. Depending on its size and quantity, it takes from 7 to 21 days. Usually, a long time, around 3 weeks, applies to orders for tables, while the implementation of other products ends faster. We make every effort to ensure that the implementation takes even less than 7 business days: PLN 180.00