Statuario Venato marble tray 27 cm

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Produkt jest dostępny


Statuario Venato marble tray

The Stone Art product line is a return to nature in your interior.

The Stone Art product line is a return to nature in your interior. The shape and quality of workmanship are just an addition.

The most sought-after marble in the world, with an even ivory background crisscrossed with gorgeous silver gray veins. This marble is widely regarded as a status symbol, even by people who know little about natural stone. The legendary Statuario Venato from the Carrara quarries. A few days ago, we happened to admire and touch the record, when suddenly we felt that we were struck by inspiration. We imagined what the material could become, or rather we saw what material had to become: a soft edge and a silky smooth graphic that would add a touch of princely luxury to our customers’ properties.


  • dimensions: 27cm
  • grubość marmuru około 2cm
  • surface finish: polished
  • should be impregnated with special agents
  • there are four anti-slip feet on the bottom


  • in the kitchen, as a tray for containers, spices or oil
  • in the bedroom and bathroom as a stand for cosmetics
  • in the hall or living room, as a tray for keys, pens, letters, etc.
  • one tray and it will change your interior


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