Marble care

Proper cleaning procedures are a few simple steps. Additionally, by following the basic rules about what you can and shouldn’t do with a marble surface, your stone will stay like new for many years to come. It is worth mentioning at this point that there are many products available on the market that effectively protect marble against potentially harmful substances. The best thing about marble is that even if you did everything wrong, a professional stone care company will be able to rebuild cavities, cracks, scratches, stains, dull spots and polish the entire surface again.

In our studio you will find a whole range of marble products, mainly Bianco Carrara, which are created for serving dishes, contact with food or practical applications, such as an office or office. Only in our studio you will find the only handmade Bianco Carrara marble coffee cups in the whole country. There are already many impregnants on the market to effectively protect the marble surface against undesirable effects. However, if we want the effect of the stone’s surface to last for a long time and enjoy its beauty, it is important to realize that it should be constantly impregnated. Our experience tells us that marble is good to impregnate every three months. The impregnation process of individual products can be found in the “DOWNLOADS” tab. Also remember that if there is a situation where any coloring matter has spilled on the stone, try to remove it immediately with a paper towel and then treat the surface with plain water and wipe it dry. In order to effectively clean dirt on marble, substances such as acetone, gasoline or solvents help. However, after such cleaning, we recommend re-impregnating the surface. You can find the recommended agents for impregnating marble in our online store.

Marble is a beautiful product of nature and remember that it is one of the oldest materials on our planet, so even if the stone begins to age after some time, you should know that it is its natural feature that gives it this uniqueness.