Stone drink cubes

The cubes are made of   of natural, undyed stone.  Easy to use – just cool them in the freezer.

It is a reusable product, so you have to wait for the next opportunity.   They do not crumble,   do not absorb odors, and   the stone they are made of makes,   that they keep drinks at the perfect temperature for a long time.

Traditional ice cubes that we use to cool drinks melt quickly and dilute the drink.

In the case of stone cubes
there is no reaction taking place that might in any way affect the
Angielski the taste of the drink and its composition. It is enough to insert the cubes for approx. 2 hours
into the freezer and they will get enough cold to give it back later
for the right time.

Stone drink cubes hold
also the inverse property. After heating them in boiling water, we can
use them for warm drinks in order to keep them longer longer

We are a direct producer, one of the largest in the country in southern Poland.

We make stone cubes ourselves in our studio. We carry out wholesale and retail orders.

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