most are associated with outdated material. No wonder, because when we think about this material, we see tombstones, floors, school windowsills or staircases in an old housing estate. Just as fashion in the world turns the wheel and the styles fashionable in the 80s and 90s return, so also in the interior, furniture and materials from years ago return to favor. Well used is a real decoration.

What is terrazzo?

Terrazzo is called an artificial stone. It is made of a combination of cement and crushed stone, most often marble or basalt. The final appearance of the structure depends on the individual components – size and quality of the grit. The color of the mass in which the stones are embedded will depend on the use of white or gray cement, but also on the addition of any colored pigments.

Pros and cons of terrazzo

Due to its technical parameters, terrazzo is a hard and abrasion-resistant material that can be compared with many stones. Its solidity combined with resistance to external factors make it eagerly used outdoors. The price is very attractive compared to other materials. Keeping it clean is also not a major problem, although it is worth using dedicated impregnating agents. However, it should be remembered that high gloss terrazzo will be more prone to scratches, which, however, are not as visible on its surface as in the case of natural stone.